My Research

Over the course of my career as a social anthropologist, I have published on a wide range of topics, all relating to the former Yugoslavia – especially Serbia and Croatia. Links to copies of the vast majority of my publications are available below, organized by theme. A full publications list is available here:

I significantly improved my editorial skills through guest-editing (including copy-editing of non-native English speaker contributions) the following special issue of the journal Soccer & Society: Fan Protest and Activism: Football from below in South-Eastern Europe (Guest Co-Editor – Dario Brentin).

(1) Sociology of sport

In 2018 I published the book Fan Activism, Protest and Politics: Ultras in Post-socialist Croatia (Routledge). My work focuses on the political engagements of football fans.

I have also published the following journal articles on this topic:

(2016) The Left and the Rest? Fan Cosmologies and Relationships between Celtic’s Green Brigade and Dinamo Zagreb’s Bad Blue Boys – SANU Glasnik. Open access version available here

(2016) White Angels Zagreb: Anti-Homophobia Activists against ‘Rural Primitivism’ – book chapter in Multiple Others: LGBT Activist Politics and Intersectionality in Croatia and Serbia ed. by Bojan Bilić and Sanja Kajinić, Springer Publishing. Draft Version available here

(2016) Violence and Masculinity amongst Left-Wing Ultras in Post-Yugoslav Space –  Sport in Society 19(2) 174-186. Accepted version available here

(2015) The Paradoxes of Politicisation: Fan Initiatives in Zagreb, Croatia – book chapter in New Ethnographies of Football in EuropePeople, Passion, Politics, Palgrave MacmillanCo-authored with Dr Paul Stubbs, 2016. Draft version available here

(2014) The Hooligan as ‘Internal’ Other? Football Fans, Ultras Culture and Nesting Intra-Orientalisms – International Review for the Sociology of Sport. Accepted version available here

(2) Croatian minority language activism

(2019) Producing Minority ‘Groupness’ through State Effects: Teaching in Croatian in Serbia, Nationalities Papers

(2017) The Importance of Being Patriotic: Enregistered Connections in Croatian Minority ActivismEast European Politics and Societies 

(2016) Discussion: Croatian Language Standardization and the Production of Nationalized Political Subjects through Language? Perspectives from the Social SciencesEtnološka tribina

(3) Labour studies

I have written about astrophysicists in Croatia and Serbia as academic workers, and about shipbuilding in Croatia (Pula – Uljanik). My most recent work is concerned with shipyard workers’ narratives of “transformation”, the management of the shipyard, and the currently unfolding crisis in Croatian shipbuilding.

I published the ebook Cosmologies in Transition: Science and the Politics of Academia after Yugoslavia with a press from Montenegro on my work with astrophysicists.