Proofreading Guidelines – Andrew Hodges

  • I will be checking your manuscript for consistency in punctuation, spelling, word usage, and general style
  • I will insert changes as track changes, and I will insert an author query if anything is unclear
  • After you check through the text, please return it to me. I will then clear up any remaining issues, and use a proofreading programme to ensure a high level of consistency in style, spelling and punctuation
  • My conventions seek to minimize differences between UK and US English rules, while following UK spelling rules. They are as follows (in bold and underlined). If you require me to use different conventions, please let me know

Spelling  –                        UK (colour) / US (color)

Endings –                         ize (theorize) / ise (theorise)

Endings  –                        e (while, among) / st (whilst, amongst)

Punctuation –                  inside quotation marks (‘it is a nice day.’)

Acronyms –                     unpointed (NGO, UK, USA)

Numbers –                       spelled out to 10, Arabic thereafter (one to ten, 11–)

Dates                               7 June 1918

First letter after colons – lower-case

Bulleted and numbered lists

  • each line begins with a lower-case letter
  • each line ends with nothing

Referencing style (APA, Harvard etc.) – as in the source text

Oxford commas – e.g. this, that, and the other – frequently used, but not always

Single/Double Quotation marks – as in the source text, checked for consistency

Topic specific conventions:

  • I leave political groupings (the left, the right, the party) uncapitalized, unless they may be considered a specific social movement (e.g. the New Right) or part of a proper noun being introduced or repeated in full (the Labour Party, the Left Party)
  • left-wing and right-wing are hyphenated as adjectives, but not as nouns (the left wing of the party)
  • concrete organizations and sub-divisions are capitalized (the Ministry of Education, the Central Committee), unless otherwise stated in the text