Labour Studies

Anthropological and sociological studies of work is another focus of mine. I have taught courses in political and economic anthropology at the Universities of Zagreb and Manchester, and have written about astrophysicists in Croatia and Serbia as academic workers, and about shipbuilding in Croatia (Pula – Uljanik).

My present work is concerned with shipyard workers’ narratives of “transformation”, the management of the shipyard, and the currently unfolding crisis in Croatian shipbuilding.

Some of my work on these topics is listed below, along with open access links to relevant documents where available.

Here is a link to a working paper on workers’ narratives and organizing surrounding the Croatian shipbuilding crisis:

IOS Working Paper: Worker narratives of blame and responsibility during the 2018 crisis: the case of the Uljanik Shipyard, Croatia

Cosmologies in Transition: Science and the Politics of Academia after Yugoslavia

How did scientists who worked in the former Yugoslavia experience the nineties and their aftermath? How did contexts of war, sanctions and economic isolation impact on their work? What role did they themselves play in the remaking of political and scientific orders, over a period marked by post-socialist transition, ‘nationalist’ war and the information revolution? Drawing on several years of ethnographic research and engagements, this book follows scientists – mostly astrophysicists from Belgrade (Serbia) and Zagreb (Croatia) – as they simultaneously juggled roles as politicians, scientific researchers, university academics, public intellectuals, and as historians of science. It brings political anthropology into dialogue with science studies, describing how many neoliberalising processes were experienced as a hindrance for many scientists based in the former Yugoslav region, and arguing for a renewed focus on the ‘human’ in anthropological studies of science. It also includes extensive interview material conducted with scientists, including scientists who served in the Milošević and Tuđman governments.