Football Fans

I am the author of a book and numerous articles – both academic and activist – relating to football fan subcultures in Zagreb, Croatia.


Through in-depth ethnography following the everyday subcultural practices and political engagements of a left-wing fan group, NK Zagreb´s White Angels, alongside terrace observations and interviews conducted with members of GNK Dinamo´s Bad Blue Boys, this book details fans´ interactions with the police, club management, state authorities and other fan groups. Themes ranging from politics, socialization, masculinity, sexuality, violence and fan authenticity are examined. In moving between two groups, the book explores methodological issues of wider relevance to researchers using ethnographic methods.

Selected publications

(2017) Fan Protest and Activism: Football from below in South-Eastern Europe –  Soccer & Society. Co-authored with Dario Brentin. Open access version available here

(2016) The Left and the Rest? Fan Cosmologies and Relationships between Celtic’s Green Brigade and Dinamo Zagreb’s Bad Blue Boys – SANU Glasnik. Open access version available here

(2016) White Angels Zagreb: Anti-Homophobia Activists against ‘Rural Primitivism’ – book chapter in Multiple Others: LGBT Activist Politics and Intersectionality in Croatia and Serbia ed. by Bojan Bilić and Sanja Kajinić, Springer Publishing. Draft Version available here

(2016) Violence and Masculinity amongst Left-Wing Ultras in Post-Yugoslav Space –  Sport in Society 19(2) 174-186. Accepted version available here

(2015) The Paradoxes of Politicisation: Fan Initiatives in Zagreb, Croatia – book chapter in New Ethnographies of Football in EuropePeople, Passion, Politics, Palgrave MacmillanCo-authored with Dr Paul Stubbs, 2016. Draft version available here

(2014) The Hooligan as ‘Internal’ Other? Football Fans, Ultras Culture and Nesting Intra-Orientalisms – International Review for the Sociology of Sport (onlinefirst) Accepted version available here