I offer copy-editing, primarily of academic texts written in English. This includes academic “proof-editing” of articles, theses and dissertations by non-native English speakers, as well as other kinds of editorial work, including book manuscript editing.

I am currently undergoing training in fiction editing, seeking to focus on science-fiction and fantasy genres, and welcome queries in this area as well.

I thoroughly enjoy the copy-editing process and my (socio-)linguistic knowledge helps me ensure grammatical accuracy while taking care to preserve genre, stylistic features and the author’s conventions and style preferences. My passion for language is demonstrated by having published several texts on the social consequences of language standardization in leading European journals.

I have extensive and wide-ranging experience on numerous projects, collaborating with a number of European journals and working on book projects with academic publishers.

If you do not require me to follow a specific style guide, I will use the following:

I am an entry-level member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders