Selected academic copy-editing and proofreading experience:

Brković, Č. (2017) Managing Ambiguity: How Clientelism, Citizenship and Power Shape Personhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Berghahn Books.

Rosa Luxemburg Serbia publications

Simić, I. (2016) Soviet Influences on Yugoslav Gender Policies, 1945-1955, PhD thesis, UCL.

Brković, Č (2013) Navigating Rules and Wills: Healthcare and Social Protection in a Bosnian Border Town, PhD thesis, University of Manchester.

Simić, M. (2009) ‘Exit to Europe’: state, travel, popular music and’normal life’in Serbian town, PhD thesis, University of Manchester.

Croatian-English translation:

Croatian Language Standardization – academic discussion (academic Croatian-English translation and proofreading).

Display materials for the exhibition Slatko otoka Hvara

Academic Debate on activist anthropology with refugees (forthcoming, Etnoloska tribina)